Vanessa Kachadurian instructs on Company Culture building techniques

PHILADELPHIA, PA, August 29, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ — Vanessa Kachadurian has experienced a significant amount of success as a medical supplies sales professional. She is motivated about her work and is proud to contribute positively to her company. Kachadurian knows that company culture plays a major role in employees’ outlook, and is lending her support to a new article explaining how to make a company a pleasant place to work.

Some business professionals are under the false impression that company culture does not provide a real return on investment, and is therefore not worth a second thought. However, new findings show that a positive work environment truly does matter, particularly for businesses that are sales-based. A positive company culture encourages employees to stick around for the long-term and also increases productivity.

Dane Atkinson, whose company SumAll is fully focused on creating a positive work environment, explains this focus has helped his business to grow stating, “Our applicant pool is off the charts. We’re accepting 1.2 percent of the applicants that we screen. We have no churn. We have a team that’s willing to sacrifice more than most teams, so the salary discounts are way higher.”

For those who are wondering why company culture really matters, it is important to focus less on a direct ROI and more about the extra costs that kick in when a business has an unpleasant atmosphere for employees. This makes the necessity for good company culture even more apparent.

To create a positive work environment for everyone in that organization, the business should first document its values. This means that everyone in the company gets to express why they think their work is important. Not only does this show employees that they are valued, but it also makes it easier to increase productivity, as everyone on the team is working toward a uniform goal. Whether it is to have strong relationships with clients or to pump out the lowest-priced products in the marketplace, a team that is on the same page regarding short and long-term goals will ultimately see more success.

In order to make sure that the positive feelings among current employees last, a strict hiring process is a must. For example, Stella & Dot puts 10 hiring filters into place, thus ensuring that the new employees they take on are both well qualified and a strong cultural fit. Hiring employees haphazardly can create a tense environment that becomes uncomfortable for everyone. Instead, those in charge of hiring should take a few minutes to consider how that potential new hire would blend in with the rest of the organization. They should be able to pull their weight, and should also have a personality that works well with the rest of the group.

Wiley Cerilli of SinglePlatform explains that he has learned a few tricks when it comes to hiring the right people. He states, “It’s pretty obvious to us whether someone’s going to be the right fit for our culture just based on how often the word ‘I’ comes up in the interview, versus how often they talk about their team and how many team members’ names come up.”

Vanessa Kachadurian agrees with these principles noting, “These are some tried and true techniques for building the right culture for your company. Having been a trainer in the past, I can say that hiring the right people is key, additionally team building exercises and communication is important to optimize the best practices for a company culture.”

Vanessa Kachadurian is an accomplished medical supplies sales professional who has successfully sold products to medical companies, doctor’s offices, and hospitals. She is a graduate of National University, where she earned a degree in global international studies. She has built a career based on connections, and enjoys truly connecting with her clients. Her career began in 2000 when she took a position with Cardinal Health.


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